3 Blogging Trends You need to Know

3 Blogging Trends You need to Know

3 Blogging Trends You need to Know

Image blog length in content marketing, use image and post list

In the constantly changing world of blogging and content marketing, you need to stay ahead of the curve to stay relevant. If you are a digital business, then online data, advertising or blogging trends, even professional research may be obsolete in a few months. Our industry is a challenging, saturated, competitive scenario that is always in flux. To be successful blogging, content marketing or social media campaigns, it is absolutely essential to take advantage of current and upcoming trends.

Emergent Digital Team is constantly creating articles and social media content for our beautiful clients, so we love to move ahead with the marketing curve and pass your conclusions to us. Some recent blogging trends have opened in front of the eyes, digital marketing takes its distinctive turn and turns into an online medium. Social media advertising is now dominated by real-time video, with the help of Snapchat and Instagram stories. Website design and SEO have gone all-out mobile with user trends and the latest Google algorithm updates. Finally, effective blogging has become a mix of visual arts, long-form content creation, and online social engagement.

3 Blogging Trends You need to Know

Feeling proud already? Make it easy, we’ve worked hard for you.

1) The best blog posts are getting more time

Just remember a few years ago when the ideal blog post was only the maximum of 400-700 words? Ok, my friend, they are changed ‘. According to recent research by the medium, long-form content has concluded thousands of times. Current data show that an ideal blog post length is 1,600 words long or 7 minutes readable.

The most striking thing about these findings is that all modern blogging directs this trend of research and is not just content marketing for SEO purposes. Users spend in busy time with content determined to read beyond the promotion of search engine ranking. Finally, blogs are no longer the most effective for “your content marketing” on social media, because more than 1600 words like to blogs and much more than their small counterparts are shared.

Now it’s time to step up the sleeves and shed light on that keyboard, Blogger!

2) Blogging Trends are about pictures and visual content

For those long blog posts, you’re writing on the page for a long time, images and visual content are being used more frequently than ever in the digital marketing landscape … and for good reasons. Bloggers who use visuals in their posting can produce more than 94% more views than text-format equivalents. In addition, various types of visual content formats are currently being used in the blogging world, including:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Caption photos and quotes images
  • Infographics
  • Chart and other visual data
  • Embedded Social Media
  • Interactive and 360 videos
  • GIFs
  • Slideshows Deck

It seems that developing blogging skills has become faster and varied as a good writer. The good news is that now there are huge free online design tools on the fingerprint of Blogger. We suggest many ways to create and curate visual media for your blog to find out what works best for your style, skills, and audience.

3) Content emerges on marketing (yet) on the rise

Did we count the number of 3 blogging and content marketing trends in the title of this article? You son of your sweet spell. If you are a blogger then there may be a list post and any of these containers can be included in the marketing strategy. The main reasons for the list are so effective:

  • Stand in the headline and grab the attention of your readers
  • The list provides easily accessible, memorable and valuable information to your audience
  • Bullet-point headings in the list include a short form of content that briefly covers your content

The numbered list within list post? We’ve really gone to Meta with this. However, the point can not be overstated: use the list of your blogging policy post. This content marketing has been a time-honored strategy in the world, and this tradition is still growing.

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