3 Reasons Why the Speed of Your Website is Important

3 Reasons Why the Speed of Your Website is Important

3 Reasons Why the Speed of Your Website is Important

In general, people do not like to wait, wherever they are, whatever they do. Everywhere, we are witnesses of impatient people who cut the line. It is in the genes of humans to get what we want when we want. And this also applies to our digital life. When we search for information on the Internet, we can check several websites to find it, because we need a clear answer immediately. Therefore, it is a benefit for companies to have a website with fast loading time. But do not worry, it depends on the web agency that is creating the website to do it fast.

Here are three main reasons why your website should open in 2 seconds:

Yes, the speed of the website is a factor of SEO

The fight for high ranking in the search engines will never end. Every day, millions of companies do everything possible to position their websites above the competition. For this, regular activities must be carried out to optimize a website. And one of the very important factors of search engine optimization (SEO) is to improve the speed of the website.

Google has secrets. Some of them have not yet been revealed, and others have been revealed. What is no longer a secret for SEO agencies, due to an announcement made in 2010, Google does not like slow websites; therefore, they could be penalized in the ranking. Of course, no business would want that, or else it will be overtaken by the competition with a faster loading page.

3 Reasons Why the Speed of Your Website is Important

Faster access to information = better user experience

Active internet users face hundreds of information on a daily basis. This shows that the internet keeps them busy. And we all know that no busy person likes to wait. Then, once users visit a website, they expect to receive the necessary information as soon as they click on a page. Otherwise, they will look elsewhere.

When a user accesses a slow website, it tends to quickly move away from it. The results of this action are 1) a high rebound rate (the percentage of site visitors that leave a site after viewing a page), 2) fewer opportunities to share content, which is also an SEO factor, and 3) Google records The website as irrelevant to the user’s need. As you can guess, these 3 points have a direct relationship with the ranking of the website in SERP, since it will not be considered as an important source of information.

Mobile internet users are on the rise

From the great wave of smartphones, more and more people access the Internet through their mobile devices. In 2014, 94% of Internet users in the Middle East navigated the web with their mobile phone. This represents a huge number for any company that operates in the region. The main reason for users to connect online through their mobile phone is that they need information on the fly, in other words, as quickly as possible. So making them wait for results in the same consequences as the previous point.

In addition, fast website speed is crucial for online stores, for the reasons mentioned and more. In 2015, about 50% of online shoppers used their cell phones to buy, which also represented a promising opportunity. Therefore, the creation of an e-commerce website with a fast loading time increases the conversions. How? Well, as you probably know, to buy online, a user goes through a multi-page process. Therefore, a customer who tries to buy on a slow website will end up abandoning his cart.

In conclusion, several studies showed that Internet users will wait an average of 2 seconds for the page to load before losing patience. According to KissMetrics, a 2-second load page has an abandonment rate of 10%. This rate increases to 25% by adding 2 more seconds to the load page. There are several tools to make sure that the web agency, when creating your website, took into consideration the speed of the website. For example, check Pingdom to see if your site fits the average or if you need optimization for better performance.

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